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Are you looking for Car Air Conditioning Regas Service for your vehicle?

Is your car air conditioning system not performing as it should?

It may be time to re-gas the air conditioning! Our professional re-gas service can help restore your air conditioning system to optimal performance.

Put an end to your searches for car air conditioning regas Swanscombe services with us.

At Alb Auto Service Ltd, our experienced technicians focus on offering car air conditioning regas Swanscombe service. We invest in OE-grade spares and the best equipment to ensure quick and efficient fixing of car AC issues. Visit us at 4 Manor Way, Swanscombe DA10 0LL, to stay cool and comfortable on the road.

Warning signs to look out for

  • Air-con system blowing out hot air
  • Drop in fuel efficiency
  • Air-con system making rattling noises
  • Condensation on windows or floorboard
  • Air-con system taking too long to cool
  • Foul smell inside the car cabin

If you detect any of these, we recommend getting an car air conditioning regas Swanscombe service at the earliest.

Benefits of air conditioning re-gas

  • Improves the performance of the car air conditioning system
  • Enhances fuel efficiency of your car
  • Stay cool and comfortable while driving, no matter the weather outside

How do we re-gas car air conditioners?

  • We use our advanced equipment to check the refrigerant levels and identify issues.
  • Since R134A gas is no longer permitted, we use R1234YF gas and ensure the addition of optimal levels of refrigerant.
  • We extensively test the car air-con system to ensure everything works right.

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