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Are you looking for Puncture Repair for your vehicle?

A tyre replacement following a puncture can be a costly affair. However, you can choose a cost-effective alternative by getting puncture repair services from a reliable workshop. This will help you save additional costs on tyre replacements.

If you are looking for a facility offering professional services of puncture repairs Swanscombe, visit us - Alb Auto Service Ltd.

We are a professional service centre providing puncture repair services at affordable rates. Our experienced technicians follow BS AU 159 guidelines and perform all essential checks before conducting puncture repairs.

Checks under our puncture repair service

Our experts carry out some mandatory checks to ensure it is safe to repair a damaged tyre. These include:

  • The tyre’s tread depth must not be below 1.6 mm.
  • It must not have any exposed chords.
  • There must not be any damage to the tyre sidewalls.
  • The size of a puncture should not be more than 6mm.

How do we conduct puncture repairs Swanscombe?

We follow the below-mentioned procedure while conducting puncture repairs:

We will unmount your vehicle’s wheel/tyre assembly and remove the tyre.

We thoroughly inspect the damaged area plus the overall condition of the tyre.

Any object still stuck in the tyre will be removed.

Now, we will make a puncture channel with a 6mm carbide mill cutter from the tyre’s inside and outside.

  • We will use a pre-buff cleaner and scraper to clean the area about 10mm to 20mm larger than the repair patch.
  • After holding the patch in place, we will draw an outline and buff the inner liner using a domed buffing rasp.
  • Now, we will use a special vulcanising accelerator solution in the puncture channel, then insert the tyre patch and plug it inside the channel.
  • Our experts will now pull the tyre patch, plug it outside and cut the tyre patch stem before safely fitting the tyre back on the rim.
  • We will balance the wheel
  • The tyre/wheel assembly will be mounted back onto the vehicle.
  • We will make sure the tyre pressure is accurate before you leave from us.

You can now end your searches for a “puncture repair near me” with us.

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