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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?

Do you feel odd vibrations while driving?

These are signs that your car wheels may be out of balance. Disproportionate wheel weight distribution can lead to several hazards when you hit the streets. For example, your car control and steering stability can reduce drastically.

Get routine wheel balancing checks for your vehicle to keep your driving safety and comfort intact!

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At Alb Auto Service Ltd, we offer professional wheel balancing Swanscombe to help improve your driving experience and prevent uneven tyre wear. Our experienced technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride every time. Come by our workshop at 4 Manor Way, Swanscombe DA10 0LL and opt for our wheel balancing services today!

Warning signs to look out for

  • Inefficient steering precision
  • Odd vibrations in the steering wheel, seats, or floorboard
  • Increased jerks while driving over bumpers

If you notice any of these symptoms, seek professional help for wheel balancing at once.

Causes of imbalanced wheels

  • Manufacturing imperfections
  • Incorrect wheel installation
  • Damaged or worn-out shock absorbers
  • Impact damage caused by hitting a pothole or curb

Benefits of wheel balancing

  • Improve your driving experience by reducing vibrations
  • Prevent uneven wear on your tyres, prolonging their lifespan
  • Increase the safety of your vehicle by improving handling and stability
  • Cutting-edge equipment to provide accurate and precise balancing
  • Competitive prices and transparent quotes with no hidden costs or fees

How do we balance the wheels?

  • We use a computerised wheel balancer to check the balance of your wheels and identify any issues.
  • We dismount the wheels and roll them at high speed to get access to the data from the wheel balancer.
  • Our automotive experts analyse the data and make adjustments to ensure even weight distribution.
  • We add counter-weights to the rim to readjust the weight distribution across the wheels.
  • Then, we perform a thorough test drive to ensure everything is working correctly.

Finally, we provide a detailed report of the work carried out and recommendations for future maintenance.

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Do not let unbalanced wheels compromise your driving experience and safety.

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